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Song Temple at Skalitude, Jaya 2013
Song Temple, Jaya 2013

Welcome all!

These are the stories of three sisters across time, and outside of time, on a spiritual journey. Reunited in a final lifetime on Earth, their work is centered on encouraging humanity to embrace their sacred and co-creative nature. By focusing on wisdom of the heart and soul channeled through the physical, spiritual knowledge becomes all-encompassing truth, beauty and love.

The stories are multi-layered tidbits with more in the spaces between than perhaps in the words themselves. That’s for you to decide and enjoy. Thank you for reading and we hope it inspires you to share your stories, too.

The symbol in the header is a crest of sorts, although it is more of an internal sound than a visual reference. It represents, to us, a lineage predating the idea of time and describes the very essence that is beyond and yet, translated through our form. It is deeper than the idea of past or parallel existence. It is knowing that we are pieces of the puzzle.

Everything we have done in the past four years has been unpaid work. Most of it is larger scale (land healing, earth healing, cosmic healing, multiverse healing) though some is smaller scale (group or individual work), as we’re guided to it. In every instance, we’ve experienced our own processing and healing, as well. We see every personal healing reflect into the cosmos and every cosmic healing reflect personally. All of our costs in the forms of travel expenses; health and healing; photography and documenting; website design and hosting fees; attendance to conferences, classes, events and workshops; and items for ceremonial work have been covered by us. This decision was based on the freedom to follow our purpose without expectations. Currently, we’ve limited our travel, as we can no longer afford it without support and are looking into how to accept donations.

From our hearts to yours, Jaya, Hallow & Gaia.

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3 thoughts on “About this blog”

  1. Beautifully written stories…………each story seems to be a collective consciousness speaking, and, yet, one singular individual’s unique expression harmonizing such realities simultaneously; the one is many, and the multiplicity is one = as in the beginning stanzas of the Tao Te Ching. What is remarkable here is that you are livinglovingbeings actualizing in the contemporary world making your teachings/stories alive, vital, and transformational for us “one and many.”

  2. I am discovering you little by little. Like a fine pastry taking bits as I can and savor the words, the poems, the songs. An awakening for me in 2012….Kundalini Surprise. How beautiful that you sisters of the world connected. I am experiencing what I call a “International Global Flow”……staying in the flow and connecting to those there. Blessings and Love.

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