Betrayal at the Highest Level – Dialogue

Crystal Infection - by Marcin Ignac
Crystal Infection – by Marcin Ignac

On May 15th after waking from the dream of the betrayer, I copied my journal to my sister Jaya and we began an e-mail dialogue about the unmasked culprit(s) in our midst:

From Hallow:

[Here is a review of the dream I typed and sent to her:]

Do you know who the betrayer is? <3 <3 <3

From Jaya:

Betrayal is definitely the word I’d use to describe what I felt. Hate and betrayal, as though the one thing I thought I could count on suddenly believed I was the “them” in “us vs them” and it played out both energetically and physically…(she described private details of what she experienced personally on her end and what an emotional toll it took on her)

When night came I felt things start to ease and I set my intention to dream about the underlying cause. I dreamed (last night) that you and I were out and about, in a crowded mall, intent on our work. We had charts, movies, plans, etc. and we were putting all the final pieces in place. (One of the first seeds) was constantly trying to undermine us, interrupt our progress, and cause a general attention seeking tantrum. At first we were watching a movie to determine where in the plot we needed to intervene and s/he was behind us, chatting and making interruptions. We were ignoring that and s/he put their head between us from behind, in a “hey, pay attention to me” way that was annoying. You said you didn’t like that one bit, so I turned and said not to do that again. Typical first seed, trying to get attention.

Then, we left our belongings and went to some charts/boards on a wall nearby to make connections. You would write something and s/he would try and erase it. Finally I got that to stop, but s/he became more desperate. Next a tantrum in public. Then, finally s/he was on the edge of the top floor and had stolen one of the orchestra’s cellos, from a nearby performance. S/he was threatening to break it by letting it fall from a high place. My attention was diverted when security showed up and s/he stared at me gleefully, “I’ll do it!” They retorted, “No you will not.” It was like a hostage situation. They caught that first seed and took them in.

That’s when you disappeared and I stayed in public view to make sure I was the one keeping the attention of any further resistance. I gathered up my belongings and wondered if I’d have to bail that first seed out or if a spouse would come do it. You reappeared letting me know that you had hidden your belongings safely all over the mall to ensure that s/he or others could not find them.

I’m not sure that first seed is the betrayer though. Let me wind down a bit and think more clearly. Today’s energy is so much better.  I have to stop writing, but I wanted to show you some of the parallels. What a fucking shitty week.

Love you to the moon. <3

From Hallow:

Thank you for writing.  I kept wanting to run right over there since last midnight, but I restrained myself.  I hope you didn’t take my pain.  I slept 12 hours last night and it just went away.  I grumbled a lot about double standards in case it was you (wink), but I did ask for temples of women to bathe and soothe your feet, brush and care for your hair.  I didn’t do it myself anyways.

I knew that something was up.  Suddenly the green color began RUNNING out of the malachite pendant, ‘Cloak of Yggdrasil’, getting all over the silver around it and dripping down like it was bleeding.  I wasn’t wearing it when it happened.  It was sitting on my dresser, leaning against the selenite.  I think I saw it on Wednesday.  I went and stared at it but I was too afraid to touch it.  I’ve stared at it every day since then, feeling upset.  I kept wanting to throw it far away, or in the trash, but beneath all of the dye is still a malachite stone, a spirit.  I kept thinking I have to save the essence beneath the façade.    

I didn’t want to read anything into that whole thing, but I couldn’t help it.  I began wondering if my first seed’s karma with your original self here is resolved.  I was never sure how exactly s/he made amends for abusing the power.  Anyways, even if s/he’s connected, it’s likely more inadvertently, maybe someone s/he’s carrying like all of those new faces s/he keeps presenting.  I really don’t understand it.  I’m leaving all of that up to you.  You know way better than me.  I want you to be happy, but no one hurts my sister!!!

Today I picked the pendant up and rubbed and rubbed lots of green away, washed it in the sink over and over.  It’s still bleeding green.  I was debating showing you on Tuesday or not.  A month ago it came to my attention that most of the jewelry sold for pendant stones are dyed, though there are some natural ones.  I got upset about it and tried to look up all of the pieces I already had, though at the time they were out of the malachite one.  They just reintroduced it this week as a new item.  I guess I was forewarning myself about the dyes in advance.

ROAR at everyone!!!

No matter what, we are sisters and we have our real family behind us, you know.  You can call me any time and I’ll be there.

<3 <3 <3

From Jaya:

I totally get that and there’s nothing wrong with your intuition. I get upset when anyone is mean to you, too. I was impressed, given the heightened defense I had to kick in because of the resentment, that I did clue into the karma resolution and voiced it.

If you’re willing I’d like to do a ceremony with the pendant to help them both (spirit of the stone and first seed). We can do it together, if you feel up to it, or I can borrow it for a bit.

I felt the lovely adoration of some attendants this morning and I proclaimed, “I am Goddess!” It really helped. Thanks for calling them in and I truly do know you’re here for me always. <3

The betrayer could also be something that hopped on board when we created the stream (wormhole) that we traveled on here. My memory is of us three creating a word (sound) which made a vibratory light stream that we braided ourselves around, becoming the holders of the stream. It was like we created the glass of the underwater tunnel. The Immortals then took our highway. We traveled after them, effectively unbraiding and dissolving our stream to ensure there could be no way back. I would imagine that the betrayer could have hid in one of the Immortals and taken over like a parasite, controlling actions/thoughts when needed without the Immortal knowing.

From Hallow:

Good.  I’ll bring the pendant for our ceremony. 

I spent an hour impulsively cleaning it yesterday morning then afterwards I worried that I might have absorbed green dye and should have worn gloves.  Last night I woke up a few times and immediately had that panic too.  Part of me wants to fling every dyed, irradiated, oiled, bleached, filled, impregnated, and coated stone far, far away.  Nearly all of the ones I have are treated.  I learned of it on April 1st and I mostly felt sorry for the stones because it’s not their fault that people do such hideous things to them.  I suppose that wire wrapped natural stones are best from now on.  That’s why I decided to search for natural ones instead.  The new ammolite, astrophyllite and labradorite are all untreated.  I’m going to be very careful of what I buy from now on, but the ones I have must all need healing.

So the ten immortals are probably infected.  After the betrayal, I kept thinking of them and thinking of ‘space’.  It seemed like an obvious riddle, asking myself, “Who holds space for us?”  Space!  What a crazy week. 


Hallow & Jaya ~ May 15th, 2016

Zika Agent - by Gregory Hergent
Zika Agent – by Gregory Hergent

Ten Immortals

The clues were all there in my journal, but emotion prevented me from facing the truth.  There were two layers of this betrayal.  The first layer was among the Ten Immortals.  It’s true that an unexpected ‘passenger’ (what could be considered a virus in creation programming terms) hopped aboard the stream with them.  That would make it a hidden or unknown part of this entire creation cycle from the very beginning – which is not to say that it was unplanned on all levels.

Its presence means that I invited it in that capacity, during the planning phase at the source.  That must have been the intent all along.  We must have placed veils in ourselves and the ten immortals, to not notice or to forget that passenger, so that the stowaway would actually be able to infect this creation.  Our intent here was to create creators, not to enjoy health and experience only bliss.  Dis-ease was a necessary catalyst for learning.  Thus we have this opportunity to flush it out and heal this body now.  That’s a perfect example of how multi-layered everything is.

As soon as I realized it, the Ten Immortals realized it, and took drastic action.  There can be time delays.  I’m certain that they acted immediately but I saw it two days later.  On May 17th a ceremony began and they took turns dramatically executing one another to rid the infection – death and rebirth.  That ceremony occurred in the same format as the DNA healing ceremonies have these past three years, but far more intense.  Those guys don’t mess around.  They were all roaring indignantly as they did it, each demanding in turn that the others do a thorough job and inspect them everywhere, to make sure that every trace of the infection was wiped clean.  I tapped into their feelings and realized that it must be very hard on them, bearing such an important role here then learning that they’ve also played the part of unsuspecting victims of a deeper plan, contributing to the corruption all along.

It makes perfect sense to me now that the higher bodies, like our earth bodies, would hold traces of opportunistic viruses tucked away. Everything is a mirror – above and below – everything. There were layers and layers of infection in our human forms, our spirit forms, this multiverse body, the whole Sea of Possibility, the entire cycle. The good news is that we just had out deepest healing ever. This space, in the form of the sacred geometry, is now clear.

Porto - by Corné Akkers
Porto – by Corné Akkers

Gaia’s Beloved

The second layer of betrayal was among our trillium or hexagram, us three sisters and our three Beloveds. We were betrayed by Gaia’s Beloved, and he was the one I confronted in the dream. Ever since then I suspected that it was him, but I held myself in check from actually admitting it to myself, voicing it, giving it any recognition at all. Upon waking from the original dream I went straight through the list – not my Beloved, not Jaya, not her Beloved, not Gaia – and I stopped there. I almost typed my suspicion in my journal, and nearly suggested the possibility in my e-mail to Jaya, but ultimately I refused to voice any thoughts or commit to any opinions about Gaia’s Beloved.

That was my proof of course, but hour after hour I shoved away the gnosis with all my might, declaring that I wouldn’t cast stones in the wrong direction. I just didn’t want it to be true. So my inner dialogue would begin again, filter down to the same conclusion, and I’d rage and shove it off once more. Sometime on May 16th or 17th Jaya realized and accepted it. She’s good at facing things head on. She probably went straight to Gaia or the family to discuss it and learn all of the repercussion.

When we met on the 17th, she confirmed it for me.  When she broached the subject of the betrayer, before she even named him, I knew with certainty that she’d confirm it.  When she did, I just said, “Yeah, I know” and we hung our heads in mourning for our sister. I wasn’t ready to face the implications. I avoided it for nearly three months, then finally journeyed with Gaia only yesterday, between posting the dream and posting this discussion, to face and accept it once and for all.  She said that I can consider her ‘divorced’ now, but it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be.  She was bright and optimistic as always.

Hallow ~ August 10th, 2016

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