Four Elemental Mothers Water Ceremony

Note: It’s raining while I write this up. There’s more to come about the past two weeks of ceremony, but I enjoy going backwards and starting at the end. My baba (grandmother) used to read magazines that way and I took on her habit.

Elemental Mothers Water Ceremony
Elemental Mothers Water Ceremony, Jaya 2016

Four Elemental Mothers Water Ceremony 08.27.16
As I drove us down the road, I wondered where to stop. I pulled off into one recreation area which had nice river access, but there were too many people. I got back on the road and shortly after a family of wild turkeys crossed the road. I stopped to give them safe crossing and I knew we were getting close.

I spotted a small clearing at the side of the road where the river comes close and it turned out to have a nice sandy area for sitting. We pulled out our supplies: chairs, waters, stones and snacks. I set up the stones that wished to participate in the ceremony to settle into their arrangement, along with my Tibetan singing bowl with the waters from the Kettle River and its headwaters, Keefer Lake. Then we went down to the river to wade and admire the rocks.

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journey with khephra to nibiru

Journey to Nibiru with Khephra – 8.1.16

Khephra the healing boji
Khephra the healing boji

I drew the Charoite card yesterday from my Liquid Crystals Oracle and noticed one of the healing layouts was grouping it with Ruby to balance another crystal. I immediately knew I would use this layout with Black Tourmaline and expand on it. I placed the Charoite card on my pubic bone, my Ruby record keeper at my crown and a small black tourmaline on my heart. I placed another larger black tourmaline at my feet. Khephra, my healing boji, went by my right hand and Amut, the large carnelian, by my left hand.

I repeated the process today and instantly journeyed. I felt my wings unfurl in two sets of powerful movements. One, bird like. Another, insect like. This corresponded to an expansion of senses, almost an amplification of magnetic sense, with the addition of being able to measure various energetics I don’t even know how to explain.

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