How to Access Our Stories

Entry to Death Valley, Jaya 2015
Entry to Death Valley, Jaya 2015

Our stories are our memoirs, a way to share our wisdom and our work.  We’ve written many volumes worth to date, enough to fill over half a dozen tomes.  We’ve arranged many ways to access these stories and information.


Main Page:
Our website main page has two sections, Our Stories, which is our blog, and a link to a Pinterest board with well-being ideas.

The stories appear in blog format from most recently published to first story published July 2013. Click on any title to view the full story. Click anywhere on the header image, where it says Chaos Krakens, to return to the full blog archive. You can also use the links above the header on the top right of the page to navigate.

The search box is on the top of the right column of the blog. Type any word(s) to search the stories. It will return every story containing the word(s), sorted first by title word frequency and then by content word frequency.

The category menu is located below the search box within the right column of the blog. We assign just one to three categories to each story. The stories appear in the categories they best represent and the categories are best represented by the stories in them.

Another feature is the archive by month menu within the right column of the blog underneath the category menu. This allows you to access stories by month published.

The best way to receive notification of every story is to subscribe by e-mail using the subscribe button on the bottom of the right column.

Previous Post & Next Post
At the bottom of each story, below the video or share buttons and above the comments, is a link to the previous and next stories. Many stories appear in multiple parts and posts often follow a progression, though at times I’ve alternated two story lines every other day. The blog software also suggests ‘related’ stories which it mainly determines based on the titles.

Media Library
Clicking on any image or sound recording takes you to our media library and the back arrow returns you to the story.

Clicking on any outside link should open a new window, for example to music videos or reference material.

Please share the stories. We work freely and have made no income from our work – in fact we’ve funded everything ourselves the past few years. We rely on social networking to share the stories. The top menu bar above the header includes a link to ‘Follow us on Facebook‘ and we appreciate you liking the page, if you are so inclined. Then below each story are icons to share the story to Facebook, Twitter, Google+, e-mail, Pinterest or Tumblr.

Our software sorts comments for us automatically. In the past six months for example, the website blocked 25,000 spam comments and let 100 comments through. It’s kind of crazy – all of the shoe and sunglasses ads people try to link to a website, but it is the way of the interwebs. We do hope that your real comments reach us and if not, please contact us another way.

About Us:
We don’t sell any products or services and we’ve struggled with wanting to keep our family life relatively private, so we’ve left the ‘about us’ section minimal for now. All of our work is for the ‘infinite greater good’ rather than by request. Most is larger scale (land healing, earth healing, cosmic healing, multiverse healing) though some is smaller scale (group or individual work), as we’re guided to it.

You can contact us via e-mail using the contact form.


We appreciate you liking our Facebook page, Heart of Chaos, if you enjoy getting your blog updates this way.

Every story has been posted to this page in the order it posted on our website, with the main image and a quote from the story.

We create an album for each year and add the images from the stories. Each photo includes the title of the story it appeared in, the date it published, and a link to that story.

Additional Facebook Group:
Our group is ‘Chaos Krakens & Co-Creation’. We have not had time to interact much yet. Perhaps in the future we will do more.



Boards: We create a board for each year and pin links to the stories in the order they post that year, using the main image and a quote from each story.

Jul – Dec 2016
Jan – Jun 2016:
Jul – Dec 2015:
Jan – Jun 2015:

Well Being: This is the board linked to    our website. Jaya keeps it updated with ideas and links.

Soundings: Jaya has created sound healing recordings here.

Other Links:
Jaya’s photography and art on Flickr: