Think. Feel. Act

spiritual ontology
spiritual ontology

We have long been taught that being spiritual is within a realm outside of daily life. What if we considered being spiritual in and through out the physical and embraced that integration? What if the mundane was sacred? What if we believed that spirituality does not solely exist within our mind or our heart, but that our connection to the divine is within our entirety? Think. Feel. Act.

Spiritual Evolution

Part I: I am Goddess
I am abundance
the space between
where creation and imagination

I am divinity within
a wealth of beauty and grace
manifesting every need

Part II: I am God
I am prosperity
the building blocks
of life and love
evolving in unison

I am directivity
divine force
behind dynamic action

Part III: I am

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Things That Must Be Felt

Explaining the yes of wisdom, things that cannot be grasped with the mind alone and must be felt with one's whole being
Artist unknown

We all have a mind, a love center, and an energy center each within our brain, our heart, and our sacrum. They are not three separate parts of us, but a channel (the pranic tube connecting the chakras) that everything in us flows through. Sometimes we cannot understand things with our intellect, but our chest and gut somehow do understand and we feel the ‘yes’ of wisdom. Most of my stories require this sort of listening and receiving, with the whole body rather than just the brain. They must be felt. Continue reading “Things That Must Be Felt”

Oh Death (2011) – Shadow work

Forming, Jaya 2005
Forming, Jaya 2005

Oh death, I defied you once, white-knuckled and hell bent
rebel yell, until you showed me the price – a burnt husk
begging for release from desperate measures and the
longing of a past only chronic suffering could make look

But, surrender did not give you victory over me. Instead,
a sense of completion within the furthest reaches, those caverns
of thought spurred on by challenge to overcome, blossomed
into a midnight garden of roses under a star-filled sky, the
scent unfolding and igniting constellation after constellation,
until the origami came undone – a single point of light
in the dark. Thus, I defied you twice when I found
the space between.

And there I rest, wondering if I’ll have the chance
to defy you thrice.

Sound break by Jen Titus:

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My first post as Hallow, exogenesis - sharing my stories of co-creating this multiverse and being present through all of the ages since.
‘We are here’ by Amoraea

Bravery does not mean feeling fearless. It means feeling scared to death, and doing what is required regardless, from a deep passionate sense of love and responsibility that is stronger than the fear. It is the thought – – – ‘I cannot fathom how I will survive this, but I MUST act now. I cannot NOT do this. So I will. Continue reading “Bravery”